Early Childhood Education Center
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ECEC Philosophy

The UC Merced Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) provides a warm, interesting, nurturing and developmentally appropriate place where each child can explore and grow. Each classroom has been designed to be a welcoming environment to the children and families, as well as to provide a comfortable place for the teachers to work in. Classroom teachers and families will partner together to ensure that communication between home and the ECEC is continual, since constant communication and dialogue will benefit the child. 


 Each classroom is designed to have many "homelike" touches.  The ECEC is to be an inviting space for parents and teachers, but it is primarily for the children.  The natural tones through every classroom allows the children's artwork and materials to be the visual focus, not the patterns of the rug or bulletin boards on the wall. 


In addition to the indoor environment, the outside playgrounds are children's spaces for them to explore, move about in and interact with.  Outdoor physical movement and the exploration of nature will happen daily (weather and air quality permitting) for all ages.  The playgrounds will be used to further facilitate each child's learning and developmental experiences.  Activities such as art, sand and water play, gardening, reading, bike riding, nature walks and free play will be part of the daily opportunities.