Early Childhood Education Center
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Infant Classrooms

With infants, each teacher is working with a primary care giving group of four infants.  A strong loving relationship between the care giver and child is essential, as well as that between the care giver and the family.  With the partnership formed, the child is the focus.  Each routine and care giving ritual is individualized for that specific child, his/her temperament and needs.  Language and non-verbal communication are both key in the infant classrooms.  Children are responded to and their needs addressed individually as the child dictates. 


The care givers work together to plan and implement a variety of activities for the children to develop their whole selves.  Each infant’s routines and family practices from home are incorporated as much as possible into the care giving at the ECEC.  This consistency of the routines, schedules, transitions and practices from home to the ECEC helps the infants establish security and keep their patterns consistent and predictable.