Early Childhood Education Center
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Preschool Classrooms

 The Preschool classroom is where exploration becomes more formalized.  The children are learning basic skills they will need for Kindergarten: familiarity of routines, social skills in a group setting, math concepts, language arts, cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills and problem solving within a nurturing environment designed just for them. 

The children will be studying an interesting topic, such as insects or balls, and while exploring this topic, be exposed to different planned activities and materials that encourage their development in all developmental domains and areas.  This planning is carefully thought out by their teachers.  Each teacher in the classroom is the primary care giver for ten children.  The teacher’s responsibility is to develop activities and provide materials in the classroom that will encourage each child’s individual developmental needs in his/her primary group, as well as meet the needs of the classroom overall with the other teachers. 

Each activity, from playdough, playing with others making sand cakes to building a city in the block corner, provides the child with many developmental growth opportunities.