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Infants (ages 6 weeks–18 months)

Infants are placed with a teacher who works with a primary caregiving group. There are two full-time degreed and credentialed teachers with a maximum group size of eight infants.  A strong loving relationship between the teacher and child is essential, as is the relationship of trust between the teacher and the family in order to create a three-way bond where the child is the focus. Each routine and caregiving ritual is tailored for that specific child and their individual needs.

The teachers work together to plan and implement a variety of activities for the children to develop their whole selves. Each infant’s routines and family practices are incorporated as much as possible into the caregiving at the ECEC in an effort to make the child feel secure and comfortable.

The classrooms and infant yard offer homeline touches and natural features which allow infants to freely explore and discover their surroundings. Age appropriate materials are placed at their eye level for easy and accessible self-service. All activities provided for infants are developed through an interactive process with the cBaby Painthildren to discover their interests.  Then the teachers develop an engaging curriculum based on routines and developmental and sensorial experiences. The teachers carefully consider each child’s individual development and developmental measures using tools from the California Department of Education to plan and implement activities to support new skills and knowledge.  The children’s learning and developmental achievements are shown in our Floorbooks, that document the children's learning and developmental achievements and help teachers plan future opportunities of exploration.